About Us

The original idea was to supply native hardwood planks to the wood working industry in an effort to divert the very best of huge Beech, Ash, Oak and Sycamore trees away from ending up as fire wood.
Some of the early supply of the logs came from the Killruddery House Estate in Bray, Co.Wicklow which had been blown down during the winter gales and these were generally sawn into planks for us by a local sawmill.
Initially we knew that the boards had to be Kiln dried to be of any value to the wood working furniture industry and hence the first purchase was our Incomac dehumidifier kiln.
We were then offered a very old Stenner bandrack saw mill by Lanark Saw Services. Unfortunately this machine proved to be too small to convert most of the very big logs which produce the most fantastic and sought after timber. We subsequently hired in the services of a large mobile sawmill for a week at a time on an annual basis. This gave us the capacity saw our big logs which had been collected up over the previous year.
Having successfully used this method up to last year, we decided it was necesssary to be able to saw when and where it suited us and not always having to saw everything into a predetermined size.
So late in 2008, our own Autotrek mobile bandsaw mill was finally delivered by Loglogic of Cullompton, Devon. We are now in a position to offer a saw milling service for our customers with their own timber on their own site with the possibility of Kiln drying the timber in the future. We can also provide the services of a fully trained Arborist to discuss the best method of handling or preparation for any necessary tree felling.
As well as this we can continue to grow our customer base for the supply of the very best of interesting and planked hardwood timbers, dimensioned beams and woodturning pieces all of which when crafted into furniture or craft items have the potential to allow the original trees to effectively “live on” for many more years .