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Mobile Sawmill

On the right is our Autotrek mobile sawmill working to convert a large Monterey Cypress log into planks.
The machine can be easily towed behind a Landrover to bring it onto site and close to the logs. It is fully self contained using a diesel hydraulic powerpack to drive both the saw blade and all the other necessary handling features in order to mill the log.
The saw bed is capable of dealing with logs up to 6m long and 1.3m in diameter.

The boards produced from the saw are neatly stacked in different thicknesses arranged with small sticks positioned between each layer of boards.
This allows the wind to blow through the stack and causes the timber to “air dry” in a semi-controlled fashion.
Timber can be left for months or even years air drying in a suitable shed and can even be used for certain wood working projects after sufficient time.

Incomac Dehumidifier Kiln

Eventually the stacks of air dried timber are loaded into our Incomac dehumidifier kiln to be dried further.
The automatic computer controlled process brings the moisture content of the boards down to around 10 -12% under strict humidity conditions.
This means that not only should the boards be thorougly and evenly dried but that any material which will not be suitable for joinery use can be easily identified at the end of the process.
The timber is now ready to be used for joinery and general wood working with a good degree of confidence that little further degrade will take place.